Shipping Rifles To Bryant Custom

Ship to:

Mike Bryant
Bryant Custom LLC
7761 FM 592
Wheeler, TX  79096

The best method of shipping rifles and parts is inside a Gun Guard type box, in the original cardboard packing box. I will ship it back to you in the same box. If you want your rifle returned to your work address instead of your home address, please indicate that and enclose the address that you want the rifle returned. Also, please state in a letter enclosed with the rifle everything that you want done (i.e.. action truing, barrel make, contour, finished barrel length, etc.). I prefer no more than 1/2 deposit up front with the balance being due upon completion of your rifle. The rifle will be shipped back to you when payment has been received in full.

Note: Please enclose a note with your rifle when you send it stating what all you want done to it. I work off of that list. If you send the rifle or barreled action inside a cardboard box and not in a gun guard type box, please tape the note securely to the outside of the shipping box instead of inside of the box with packing material. It’s better to have the note inside a Gun Guard with the rifle or barreled action so that the note is obvious when the box is opened. Make sure that your name and address and the address you want the rifle returned is included with the parts that you are sending. I have had several rifles come in when shipped by shipping companies with no name, address or list of what is wanted done with the rifle. The only thing I can do is hold the rifle until the customer contacts me about his rifle. It’s pretty hard to contact someone when there’s no information in the box or on the outside of the box to indicate whose rifle it is. It’s also hard to order parts when you don’t know what is wanted done.

I can not rely on e-mail correspondence to determine what you want done as I receive lots of e-mail and in the time that it takes to ship your rifle here, your e-mail discussing what all you want done will be a long ways down in my old messages file. Sometimes its almost impossible to find those e-mails especially if you don’t have your e-mail set up where it shows your name as the sender.

I prefer shipping in this manner to keep any reference to firearms off the shipping box. UPS will deliver to the above address and when they ask you, I am federally licensed. When your action, barreled action or complete rifle arrives here, it is entered into my firearms acquisition & disposition log. This is required by federal law and is also a good idea, too. Your firearm is kept securely here in a 12×12 walk- in vault with 8″ thick poured concrete walls and ceiling and is locked by a GSA vault door. Upon arrival of your firearm, an e-mail confirming safe arrival is sent to you if an e-mail address is conveniently located on the outside of the package. I do get busy working and sometimes forget to send an e-mail confirming safe arrival of your rifle. If you haven’t heard from me, drop me an e-mail to make sure it has arrived safely. Upon departure back to you, an e-mail is sent confirming the departure date and the UPS tracking number. This is provided so that you can follow where it is on its journey back.

Upon completion of work done on your rifle, the balance owed will be due before the rifle is shipped. Any rifle that has not been paid in full within 45 days of completion of the work done will be considered the property of Bryant Custom and will be sold to pay for the balance owed on the rifle. I send invoices by e-mail or by U.S. Mail, if I do not have a response stating that the invoice was received by e-mail. I will make every attempt to contact the owner upon completion of the rifle. This is usually not a problem as most owners are ready for their rifles upon completion.

Thank you for the business, and I will do everything I can to make happy, satisfied customers.

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