Mike Bryant built me a 600 yard gun. I shot three World Records with that rifle.


Action Truing & Work

Square receiver face, square receiver lugs, threads re-cut with single point threading tool. All done on same setup. Surface grind recoil lug or replace with PTG recoil lug, pinned in place (your choice). Square bolt face and lugs. Includes

Truing of Remington Action: $250


  • Ream raceway to .705, and bush bolt, front and rear: $185.00
  • Bush firing pin hole, reduce firing pin diameter to .062″: $95.00

Install Sako Extractor – Remington Only: $125.00

The old extractor groove is bored out and bushed to the new case head diameter for your cartridge. This can convert the bolt to be used in whatever size diameter cartridge you want to use. It also prevents problems with the case hanging up in the old extractor groove because its no longer there.

Install 700 bolt handle: $125.00, Bolt handle will be tig welded onto the bolt body.  Done out of house by one of the best in the business.

Install threaded bolt knob on your 700 handle: $110.00


Includes threading the rifle barrel, chambering to minimum headspace, bead blasting the barrel, crowning, engraving the caliber (and neck diameter if tight-necked).

Rebarrel Rifle Actions*: $300

Additional Charges:

  • Metric Threads: $65.00
  • Magnum Chamber: $50.00
  • 320 Grit Polish Barrel: $25.00
  • High Polish Finish: $50.00 and Up
  • Bolt Actions With Extractor Slots: $75.00
  • Chambering and Fitting barrels to rim fire actions with double extractor slots $350.00 total

Chamber Gage: $45.00
Reamer is run in to the bottom of the shoulder giving the same neck diameter and throat as your chamber. This allows a quick check on neck diameter and also is an easy way to find a starting seating depth. This is only for chambers without special throating, (ie. separate throating reamer).

*Most Bolt Actions. No Mauser, Enfield, Springfield or other Military Actions.

NOTE: I have a set of official NBRSA weights for calibrating my digital scales. This should help ensure that any benchrest rifle built by Bryant Custom will make its weight class with no problems.

Only accurate rifles are interesting.


There’s a world of difference between a custom rifle and a factory hunting rifle.


Stock Work

Bed Action to H-S or other Aluminum Bedding Block Stock: $175

Bed & Glue in Benchrest Stock: from $250.00

Pillar Bed Benchrest or Hunting Stock: from $250.00

Additional Inletting to Stock According To Your Needs: CALL

Install Recoil Pad – pad not included: $85.00

Install Sling Swivel Studs: $75.00

Other rifle work: $75.00/Hour


Below are the cartridges that I presently have chambering reamers available. If you are interested in a cartridge that I don’t list and it is a standard factory cartridge (Redding Series A or B and not tight necked) that I feel can be added to my inventory, give me a call (806-826-5618 ) or e-mail me and I will add it on receipt of your action to be rebarreled at no extra cost to you.

If you want a chambering that I don’t list, I will be glad to order the reamer and go gage (if necessary) for you at your expense. The reamer and/or go gage will be sent to you upon completion of the project. I can no longer justify splitting the cost of a reamer with a customer unless its for a cartridge that I will reuse the reamer a number of times. Too many times when I’ve split the reamer cost, that one time is the only time that the reamer was used. If you want a chambering that I don’t list, contact me as it’s very possible that I have it, but have never added it to this list of reamers.

I will chamber for practically any wildcat with your reamer and go headspace gage. I prefer to use removable pilot reamers made by Pacific Precision, Dave Manson, Hugh Henriksen or JGS, as this allows me to fit the bushing size to the barrel and allows for a better chambering job. All of my reamers are removable pilot reamers.

I’ve added the short magnums that I chamber back to my list of available reamers. I had removed them because of the patent law suit against Winchester several years back. It’s pretty easy to prove that the patent is invalid as there have been previous short magnum cartridges. For instance, the 7mm Wade Super Seven shown on page 396 of the P. O. Ackley “Handbook for Shooters and Reloaders” is almost identical to the 7mm WSM with just a slightly longer neck. In the photo, the 7mm Wade is on the left, 7 WSM center and .300 WSM on the right. The 7mm Wade Super Seven was built originally by Fred Wade of Phoenix, AZ back in the 50’s and 60’s based on the .348 Winchester case with the rim turned to make it a rimless short magnum. The diameters of the 7mm Wade and the 7mm WSM are within a few thousandths in diameter at the web of the case.

Match and Tight Necked Varmint Reamers

.17 PPC .198″ Neck .20 PPC .237″ Neck
.22 Long Rifle .221 Rem. Fireball .246″ Neck
.222 Rem. – .246″ Neck .223 Win.-.248″, .250″ and .254″Neck
.223 Ackley .248″ Neck .23-40 .246″ Neck
.22 Waldog (.125″ Short) – .243″ & .246″NK .22 PPC (.100″ Short)- .243″ & .246″ Neck
.220 Russ. -.246″ Neck .220 Beggs – .250″ Neck
.22 PPC – .246″ & .258″ Neck .22 PPC Sako USA -.252″ Neck
.22 Rem. BR. – .246″ Neck ( Rem. Brass) .22 BR Norma. – .246″ Neck & .254″ Neck *
.22 BRX .254″ Neck .22 Dasher – .248″ Neck *
.22-250 Ack. Imp.-.252 Nk .220 Wilson Arrow-.252″ Neck
6X47 .272″ Neck (based on .222 Rem. Mag) 6 PPC – .262″ Neck ( several reamers)
6 PPC .272″ Neck 6mm BR Norma .265″ Neck & .271″ Neck*
6mm Dasher – .262″ or .268″ Neck*
* Use with Lapua 6 BR brass.
6 BRX .272″ neck
6mm – 250 Rem. – .271″ Neck 6- 6.5×47 Lapua .269″ and .272″ Necks
6X .271 Neck (.243 Win. shortened .130″) 6 XC .275″ Neck
.243 Ackley .271″ Neck 6mm Rem. Ackley .272″ Neck
6mm-.284 .268″ Neck 6.5×47 Lapua .290″ Neck
.260 Rem. Ackley .290″ Neck 6.5 Swede .290″ neck
6.5×55 Rogue (37 degree) .290″ Neck 6.5x.257 Roberts AI – .290 Neck
6.5-06 Ackley .290″ Neck 6.5x.284 Win. – .290″ Neck
.270 Win .305″ Neck 7mm Rem. BR – .308″ neck
7 WSM .310″ neck .30 BR .330″ Neck
.30 x 47 .332″ Neck .308 Winchester Match M-852
.308 Palma .308 Winchester .335″ Neck
.308 Baer -.336″ Neck .300 Weatherby – .335″ Neck
.300 Wthby. Ackley – .336″ Neck .30-378 Weatherby – .338″ Neck

Standard Necked Reamers

.17 Ackley Bee .17 Javelina .17 Mach IV .17 Rem. .20 Vartarg
.20 Tactical .204 Ruger .22 LR .22 WMR .222 Rem
.223 Rem .22-250 Rem .22-250 Ackley .220 Swift .220 Swift Ack
.22-243 Win. 6mm TCU 6 Dasher Norma 6 Super LR .243 Win.
.243 Ackley 6mm Remington 6mm Creedmoor 6mm Rem. Ack. .250 Savage
.250 Savage Ackley .25-06 Rem. .257 Wtby. 6.5 TCU 6.5×47 Lapua
.260 Rem. 6.5 Creedmoor 6.5 Swede 6.5-257 Rob. Ak. 6.5-.284 Win. Short and long freebore. 267″ neck.
6.5-06 Ackley .264 Win Mag 6.5 STW 6.5 PRC 26 Nosler
6.8 SPC .270 Win .270 WSM .270 Wtby .100 freebore 7mm-08 & Ackley
.284 Win .280 Rem .280 Ackley 7 SAUM 7mm-300 WSM
7mm WSM 7mm Rem Mag 7mm Wtby Mag 7mm STW 28 Nosler
7mm Ultramag .300 AAC Bl. Out .308 Win .30- 06 Spr. & Ackley .300 PRC
.300 WSM .300 Win. Mag. .300 Wtby Mag .300 Rem. Ultra .30-.378 Wtby
8mm Rem. Mag .338 Rem. Ultra .338 Edge .338 Lapua .338-.378 Wtby
.358 Win .35 Whelen .375 H&H .458 Win Mag .458 Lott

Lazzaroni Cartridges

7.21 (7mm) Tomahawk

7.82 (.308) Patriot

7.82 (.308) Warbird

8.59 (.338″) Titan

Ready For A Bryant Rifle?