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A Different Twist to Benchrest Barrel Fitting
by Mike Bryant

This was originally published in Precision Shooting in the early 90's and has been updated over the years.

At the NBRSA Nationals in 1991 at Midland, I had the good fortune to be shooting next to Ed Shilen. I was needing a new barrel for my Sporter and, of course, when you are shooting next to Ed all week that barrel wound up being a Shilen. When I went over to his motor home to pick up the barrel, Ed was having a conversation with T. J. Jackson and Allan Hall. Since I do my own gunsmithing, I am always interested in the ways that different people do their barrel fitting. Read the full article.

I now have a set of official NBRSA weights for calibrating my Toledo scales. This should help ensure that any benchrest rifle built by Bryant Custom will make the weight class that it should with no problems.


Thread, Chamber to minimum headspace,Bead blaste barrel, Crown and Engrave Caliber and Neck Diameter (if tight necked).
No Mauser, Enfield, Springfield or other Military Actions.

Most Bolt Actions:

  • Metric Threads:
  • Magnum chamber:
  • 320 grit Polish Barrel
  • High Polish Finish

Bolt Actions with extractor slots: +$75.00
Chamber gage:
Reamer is run in to the bottom of the shoulder giving the same neck diameter and throat as your chamber. This allows a quick check on neck diameter and also is an easy way to find a starting seating depth. This is only for chambers without special throating, (ie. separate throating reamer).
Match Grade 416 Stainless Steel Barrel  
  • Limited number of about 40 barrels on hand
$645 installed
Cut off Threads and Re-chamber, Re-thread & Re-crown: $300.00
Re-Crown, 11o Indicated, Recessed or Flat Target Crown:
(Depending on length of barrel and/or style desired)

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