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Action Truing and Work

Take a look at an article by Mike Bryant that gives an overview of the truing process.

Action Truing

Truing of Remington Action

Square Receiver Face, Square receiver lugs, Threads re-cut with Single point threading tool, all done on same setup. Surface Grind Recoil Lug or replace with PTG recoil lug pinned in place, (your choice), Square bolt face and lugs.

Note: Truing was formerly $150 with the Holland lug Priced at $45 installed. I am now pricing them Together instead of separately. This makes the Full pricing for truing easier to see. Price is Still the same.

Ream raceway to .705, and bush bolt, front and rear: $185.00
Bush firing pin hole, reduce firing pin diameter to .062": $95.00

Action Work

Install Sako Extractor - Remington Only:

Bolt counter-bore is reduced to .125" when done on a rebarrel job allowing the web of the cartridge to fit into the chamber. The old extractor groove is bored out and bushed to the new diameter. This can convert the bolt to be used in whatever size diameter cartridge you want to use. It also prevents problems with the case hanging up in the old extractor groove because its no longer there.

Install 700 bolt handle:

Install Badger Ordnance bolt knob on your 700 handle



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